Sep 2013

ONE and ON-E

by Ani Torosyan, Director of ONE Strategy

I grew up in San Jose, California during the time when Silicon Valley was beginning to make its technological mark on the world, and the dot com boom was emerging.  My family actually immigrated to the states when I was about three years old, and with both of them being engineers, San Jose proved to be a good place for us.

When I began attending school, I was a very shy child:  partly because I naturally was an observer, but mostly because I didn’t know much English at the time.  I am of Armenian ethnicity, and in San Jose, especially in the 80s, there were really no other Armenian kids in my school. So why am I even bringing this up ?  Well, because as shy as I was at that time, ANY time (and I mean each and every single time) a teacher or someone called my name out loud, and said “Annie…”, I would immediately say, “No, it’s “ON-EE”.

Being called by my name, as it is originally pronounced in Armenian (spelled Ani), was important to me even as a toddler.  This is my very first memory of how I reinforced my own personal brand – my name.  My insistence of correcting others on how to properly pronounce my name continued throughout the years, and even to this day, whether it’s the barista at Starbucks or the greeter at a restaurant who mistakenly pronounces my name, I will always (of course kindly and politely) say to them, “thank you, by the way it’s Ani”.

Thus, when I decided to start my company, it was immediately clear to me what the name of my studio would be:

 ONE: because each organization should have a single, clear strategy for its brand* and also, because “ON-E” represents my early-rooted emphasis on strengthening my personal brand, my name.

There is a key take away form this story, at least for me personally:  that is, reinforcing your brand or your image, once or a few times will never strengthen you or your product’s identity.  It must be done over and over again, through many different situations and scenarios, so that OTHERS will be influenced by how YOU position your brand.  At the end of the day, individuals will see your product or your company how they feel like viewing it, because brand-connection is a very emotional process.  However, your active role in communicating your company’s or product’s qualities can strongly influence the public’s perception of your brand.

At ONE, we will not only create a compressive brand strategy for your company and family of products, but moreover, we will equip you with the tools and knowledge for growing and strengthening that brand over the years.  A brand is not a single logo, or catch phrase, but moreover, it is the feelings, thoughts and emotions that individuals perceive about your company.  At ONE, we will combine intellect and creativity to deliver a brand strategy that will set you apart from the competition, and lead your company to success.

* Although your organization should have a focused strategy, it doesn’t mean it will have a single method or campaign in carrying out this strategy.  At ONE Strategy, we will develop a strong strategy for your organization, which will umbrella all of the methods which we’ll create and implement in order to execute your strategy flawlessly.  

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