Written by Ani Torosyan, director of ONE Strategy

The reason I’m effective at what I do is because I THINK LIKE A BUSINESS PERSON! I’m not simply a graphic designer, I’m not simply a web developer, I’m not simply a brochure maker. I am a branding expert, and that means I create meaningful, powerful brands for my clients which evoke emotion and appreciation from their clients.

So here’s a question, knowing all of that, why do SO MANY small businesses skimp out on investing in their brand identity, and go the cheap, cheezy “$39” one-size-fits-all logo purchase? The short answer, in my opinion, is because they lack the knowledge about the importance of brand integrity, and how to utilize and maximize your brand in the marketplace.

What do I mean? Well let’s think about a brand you really love. Why do you remember it? Why does it stick with you? Is it because the logo was a cool drawing? Probably not. The reason brands “stick” with us because we tie emotions, experiences, and expectations to that brand.

Do you think it is by mere coincidence that huge corporations are able to develop successful brands, generate hype and emotion around their brand, and create a loyal following of that brand or product? Of course not. Lots of research, brain-storming, testing, consumer research, etc. goes into the development of one corporate (huge) brand.

So you ask… “Well I am a small business? There’s no way I can compete with big corporations? My only choice is the one-size-fits-all logo shop online…”

That’s where my passion comes in. I recently realized that not every small business owner has the time, skill set, and/or geeky passion like me to observe brands, study them, think of creative campaigns to launch brand identities, etc. And this “a-ha” moment led me to my ONE Strategy agency. My firm caters specifically to small businesses, but provides them with corporate-quality brand identity creation at (a) affordable prices, (b) through personal client interactions / feedback, and (c) premium graphic and visual media designs.

Below is an example of just some of the research and idea-creation that went into our newest brand design for OMNI Integrative Physicians. OMNI Integrative is a group of three very intelligent medical doctors, who are aiming to transform the way western medicine is practiced on a daily basis. Their adoption of integrative medicine methodologies looks at the patient as a whole, and doesn’t treat isolated symptoms without considering the whole mind and body.

After a lengthy and thorough client brief with the OMNI physicians, ONE Strategy set-off to create several concepts for the group. At that point, in fact, OMNI Integrative didn’t even have a business name. ONE Strategy was also contracted to develop name concepts for the business as well. Below is an image timeline of some of the work that goes into generating a final brand identity, which the client falls in love with, and at the same time, allows me to be a proud parent of a beautiful creation. Enjoy!



brand identity process

Initially, the OMNI physicians considered calling their business “sureanu”, which was a play on the letters in their first names. After some thought, this name was abandoned due to its difficult pronunciation and difficulty for the average consumer to recall.












brand identity process

Mind mapping done by ONE Strategy, to delve deep into desired representation of OMNI’s final brand.















Just some of the variations presented to the OMNI Physicians during the brand identity creation process

Just some of the variations presented to the OMNI Physicians during the brand identity creation process


































omni integrative physicians logo

Final brand identity for OMNI Integrative Health Physicians.





















Message / Campaign custom developed for OMNI Health Physicians



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