To celebrate the launch of our company’s new website, we had ran a drawing for giving away a FREE iPad mini.  After a month of submissions from people all over the social media landscape, it was time to close the contest and randomly select our winner.  Drum roll please…


Suzie Shatarevetyan!  I was over-the-moon excited when I saw Suzie’s name come up for the random selection. Quick history on our history:  Suzie and I met while working for the non-profit organization Datev Outreach, and we immediately hit it off!  First off, both of us are nerd-ettes who love all things technology.  Besides the zillion other ways I admire Suzie, she’s just a down-right lovable person.  Super down-to-earth, always lending a helping hand to others, and a joy to work and interact with.  I mean, her last name LITERALLY means “FULL OF SUN” in Armenian.

I was excited to deliver Suzie’s gift to her over a delicious meal at one of my favorite local spots in Glendale.

FEED THE BRAIN location: Mamita Peruvian Restaurant in Glendale, CA (on Brand Blvd)
My recommendation: Get the Saltado de Mariscos!

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