Are you thinking of redesigning your website in 2015? What you probably don’t know is that there is a lot that goes into designing a high quality, memorable website. A good web design should be intuitive and highly usable, satisfying both your clients and your marketing needs, effectively communicating your brand identity. Most importantly, a successful website MUST be mobile-friendly (Responsive Web Design). Here are top 5 web design

Written by Ani Torosyan, director of ONE Strategy The reason I’m effective at what I do is because I THINK LIKE A BUSINESS PERSON! I’m not simply a graphic designer, I’m not simply a web developer, I’m not simply a brochure maker. I am a branding expert, and that means I create meaningful, powerful brands for my clients which evoke emotion and appreciation from their clients. So here’s a question,


Sep 2013

ONE and ON-E

by Ani Torosyan, Director of ONE Strategy I grew up in San Jose, California during the time when Silicon Valley was beginning to make its technological mark on the world, and the dot com boom was emerging.  My family actually immigrated to the states when I was about three years old, and with both of them being engineers, San Jose proved to be a good place for us. When I