DryMaster Systems

DryMaster Systems, based in beautiful sunny Southern California, has been in the professional carpet cleaning business for over 15 years with great success. ONE Strategy partnered with DryMaster to re-fresh their brand identity, and create a highly-integrated enterprise website for their affiliateship business.

Solutions Provided

  • Website Design
  • e-Commerce
  • Concept Piece PDF
  • Integrated Solutions

Responsive Web Design & eCommerce Site

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What we offer to our clients is a very unique and positive experience: we listen to our clients vision, needs, and goals for growing their business. We take this large mass of information, and create an all-encompassing strategy that permeates through many of their touchpoints. This was exactly the case with DryMaster Systems.

We created a content management system for the client, to house all aspects of their business: service offerings, affiliate programs, online shop, customer relations management, affiliate forums, etc. The new DryMaster website provides a hub of information to the client’s customers, and serves as their main online vehicle for driving new business and revenue to their company.

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Business Guide PDF


In order to keep potential affiliates engaged in the DryMaster Business opportunity, we created a comprehensive business guide PDF for DryMaster Systems, which they use as a selling tool to educate their prospects. ONE Strategy integrated this tool as a “FREE” opt-in on the client’s website, and also presented the PDF as an interactive online flipbook. We specialize in “concept piece” PDF creation and design.

e-Commerce Integration: WooCommerce Technology


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We converted DryMaster’s dated catalog ordering system into a robust, online e-commerce platform.  Utilizing woocommerce within the WordPress environment, we created a customized shopping cart experience for over 1000 product configurations.

Custom e-Commerce Functionality:

  • Coupon codes specific to user role (i.e. DryMaster Affiliates vs. Regular Shopper)
  • Real-time integration with UPS, for accurate shipping charges
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Website Template Design

  • Design & development of website templates for client to up-sell to DryMaster Affiliates.
  • Re-Design of print marketing materials to synchronize new DryMaster re-brand across all assets. Updated pieces can now be easily up-sold to current and future DryMaster Affiliate customers.
Build Relationships With Your Clients
  • Integration of Affiliate Forums to promote discussion on client’s products and services

  • Newsletter Sign-Up & HTML Newsletter integration

  • Creation of customized HTML email templates

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