Project Description

Glendale Laser Group, the office of Dr. Ken S. Ota, is a cosmetic medical practice located just 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of Glendale, CA.

For their brand, Glendale Laser Group was looking for something fresh yet soothing, to convey their value of “look good / feel good”. Although a majority of medspa clients tend to be women, we wanted to make sure that the brand was attractive to their female customer base, but not off-putting to potential male clients.  This was successfully achieved by the color choice for the brand.  The aqua-colored blue that we used is gender-neutral and evokes emotions of tranquility, which is what the owners of Glendale Laser Group want their patients to feel when entering their clinic.The lotus flower also conveys the zen-like atmosphere that is present within the physical space at Glendale Laser Group.

 Project Details

Glendale Laser Group

Technologies Used:

 Brand Identity
 Print Media
 Social Media