RISE Pizzeria

ONE Strategy partnered with start-up food concept Rise Pizzeria to create a brand identity that reflects their unique and modern take on pizza. RISE Pizzeria creates the opportunity for guests to customize their Neapolitan pizza with the help of their very own pizzaiolo, after which guests are able to watch their creations emerge from a fire-filled 900 degree oven in an amazing 2 minutes.

Solutions Provided

  • Brand Design & Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Messaging
  • Concept Piece PDF

Brand Identity

ONE Strategy worked with RISE Pizzeria to design a brand identity that embodies sentiments of both modern and rustic worlds.  The typography was chosen for its boldness, due to the revolution on pizza RISE is taking on.  The pizza paddles were purposely  integrated as flat designs, to evoke feelings of modernism, holding onto rustic warmth, however, with the orange color selection.


RISE Pizzeria is very proud of their dough-making process: They stick to the basics and do everything the old country way. This leads to superior taste, texture, and thickness of their crust. We wanted to highlight this competitive in a creative and witty way. Using a smart & nerdy take on the word “PI” and “PIE”, we showcased this clever messaging campaign.

The 2nd advantage RISE Pizzeria wanted to highlight was the fact that their customers can build their own pizza, and create endless combinations from their choices. We continued the play on “PIE” to demonstrate the customer’s truly “endless” selections.



Concept Piece

Many times start-ups are faced with the paradox of the “chicken or the egg”. What we mean by this, is clients will ask us advice on how they can position themselves as experts in their field if they are just barely starting out as a business. A concept piece document is usually a great place to start: to equip start-ups with a document they can showcase their brand, product or service offering, and overall business concept to potential clients, investors, vendors, and/or lenders. ONE Strategy specializes in taking a large mass of complex data and information, and summarizing it into a reader-friendly, aesthetically pleasing PDF format.


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