Saintly Bags

The owner and founder of Saintly Bags, an avid traveler himself, was looking for a brand agency to bring his unique concept to life.  He commissioned ONE Strategy to develop and create a clean modern brand which exudes luxury, yet at the same time, comes off as trendy and cool.

Saintly Bags is a travel & fashion lifestyle brand. Designers of sumptuous, customizable, and hand-made leather products, Saintly aims to beautify and simplify your travel lifestyle.

Solutions Provided

  • Brand Design & Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Virtual Product Customizer
  •  e-Commerce

Responsive Design Architecture

Optimized Navigation Experience

The Saintly website delivers an optimized browsing experience across the wide variety of mobile and desktop resolutions by leveraging responsive design architecture.


Online Virtual Product Customizer

Keeping the “start-up” vibe and spirit of Saintly Bags in constant focus, we sought to find an out-of-the-box, readily-available web solution we could take and customize for our client.  Due to the highly customizable nature of our client’s product, it was extremely important to create an online virtual product visualizer that could show the end-customer what their chosen material combinations would look like on a final Saintly bag.  After tons of code customization, photoshopping, and testing, the Saintly online bag customizer engine was born and launched.  Our “work-around” of using a general plugin and customizing it to suit our client’s needs saved Saintly Bags tens of thousands of dollars in development costs.  For a start-up, entrepreneurial-driven organization, cost savings like these are the difference between a failing idea and a thriving company.  At ONE Strategy, we focus on creating partnerships with our clients, and harvesting a long-term, strong relationship.

Brand Design

Anytime we have a client who is in-tune with what their brand represents and truly understands the direction they want their brand to grow in, the brand design process starts to flow.  It just starts to work.  This was exactly the case with Saintly Bags.  Not only did we have a lot of fun designing and developing the Saintly brand, but discussing the various brand development ideas with the founder of Saintly was an exciting process.


Powered by  woo-logo

Selling online doesn’t have to be complicated, at least not when it’s setup the right way.   The Saintly Bags website provides it’s customers a unique online shopping experience, by allowing shoppers to customize their bags every step of the way.  This was a “fun” challenge for us at ONE Strategy (yes we are geeks!), in that we developed a custom e-commerce solution for the client utilizing the out of the box WooCommerce technology.

Simple translation:  we saved the client a ton of money!


Icons and Badges are a very effective way to easily convey important information to your customers. Saintly Bags prides itself on the fact that it can make it’s products domestically, in NY, NY.

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